Marketing and Product Design

Despite rapid growth in data and advances in analytics, it remains difficult to measure and optimize the effects of marketing spending.

TGG helps businesses transform the effectiveness of their marketing with superior target selection models and experimentally-verified improvements to marketing content.

The TGG approach to targeted marketing emphasizes the use of data to identify marginal consumers whose behavior can be most easily influenced. For example, when advising a political interest group, we recommended experiments to identify whether it was more cost effective to persuade undecided voters or to motivate existing supporters to go the polls.

We apply the same experimental rigor to crafting compelling, creative materials. As an example, we worked with a leading charity to improve their direct mail marketing campaigns. Through repeated experimentation and adjustment, we discovered better strategies for soliciting donations without significantly increasing costs.

TGG’s success in marketing is rooted in our commitment to data-driven rigor and our understanding of human behavior. By targeting marginal consumers with persuasive messages, we help ensure that companies are maximizing the effect of their marketing materials.

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