Fraud Detection

TGG principals are at the forefront of detecting and deterring fraud and malfeasance in large organizations.

We have worked with some of the world’s largest global banks and credit card companies to simultaneously decrease fraud losses while improving customer experience by reducing the number of false positives. In addition to deterring fraud by outsiders, we also are expert at ferreting out malfeasant and deceitful employees who can pose grave risks—sometimes even existential risks—to businesses.

Most other firms that use big data for fraud detection search for correlation in data. Correlation often masquerades as causation, and a false belief in causation when it is absent can lead to lost sales and profits. TGG is expert in the art and science of separating causation from correlation. Using robust econometric techniques, we take a creative approach that focuses on identifying appropriate counterfactuals so that we can confidently infer the drivers of behavior, not just the aftermath of it.

Identifying the perpetrators of fraud from available data—and, even better, incentivizing them to reveal themselves—is an intricate and creative process, and we have worked extensively in this field. TGG partners have a long record of identifying fraud and other bad behavior in areas as diverse as terrorism, credit card fraud, conspiracy in sumo wrestling, and teacher fraud in public schools.

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